Job hunt: scavenger hunts for plywood in Mumbai

Job hunt: scavenger hunts for plywood in Mumbai

A job hunt is underway in Mumbai to find a local plywood worker who is a scavenger hunter.

The hunt is being organised by the job scavengers’ union, the International Job Hunters’ Federation, as part of its mission to find and employ the skilled craftsmen of Mumbai who are desperately seeking work. 

The union has registered three scavenger hunters who have been working in the city for the last few years.

The job hunt has been organised by Mumbai’s Job Seekers and Recruitment Society, the Mumbai-based non-profit organisation. 

“This job hunt was organised by a job seeker’s union as part a nationwide initiative to find skilled workers for local businesses and industries,” said the job seeker, who declined to be named as he fears retaliation from local employers.

“The job seeker said that many local employers do not like the scavengerhunt.

They feel that the scavengers are a nuisance and will damage their business and reputation.”

The job hunt, which is being conducted at various workplaces across Mumbai, is being held at five sites: Ajna Road, Mirzapuram Road, Nagarjunakottai Road, Tumkur Road, and Mallya Road.

The job seekers are also collecting tips and other documents to ensure that they will not be picked up by any employers, who may try to retaliate against the scavenging job seekers for their work.

Job seekers are being asked to sign documents that they have brought with them at all the locations. 

It is hoped that these jobs will attract many people to the city. 

In addition to the scavenge hunt, job seekers and job scavenging groups are planning to hold scavenger-related events and meetings in different parts of Mumbai to attract job seekers, job scavenbers, and job seekers’ associations to Mumbai to attend. 

Job seeker, Ramesh Prakash said: “There is a shortage of skilled craftsman in the country.

The scavenger hunting job hunt will help us find skilled crafts men and get them to work in the local business and industries.

It will also help us in finding workers for the local industries and industries.” 

Job seekers’ association president Nirmala Singh said: “We will be working on a joint venture with the job seekers association and will organize events like scavenger searches, job hunts, job hunt activities, job search tours, job hunting classes and other activities.” 

The job search in Mumbai has already attracted a lot of attention. 

Mumbai has more than 40,000 jobs vacancies and the city’s job seeker population is expected to reach nearly 70 lakh by 2021. 

Some of the workers who have registered for the scavenges in Mumbai include: Dawn, a young woman in her 20s, from Ahmedabad, India; Jani, a 28-year-old from Kolkata, India, and her husband, Dibyani, who works as a security guard; Kishor, a 29-year old from Ahmedapur, India who is also a security officer; Hilary, a 26-year woman from Ahmedpur, India and her two children; Sachin, a 34-year man from Kalinga, India. 

According to job seeker Jana, who is from Nagpur, there are currently around 3,000 unemployed in Mumbai and about half of these people are in the scavenged jobs. 

Another job seeker from Nagpura, Ankit, said that the job hunt in Mumbai will be an opportunity to attract more people into the city to find jobs in the future. 

He said:”If people want to earn money, there is nothing wrong with joining the scavengings.

We are all trying to find work in Mumbai.”


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